Burak Ben-Eden EA

(Alixir x Demis Amira by Thee Desperado)
2006 Black Stallion

Burak Ben-Eden EA Foals:

Star Noir

Midnight Star

LF Estrella Luna

Owned by the Burak Partners

Burak has a wonderful temperament and is a pleasure to have at the farm. He is always a crowd favorite, as he loves to show off in the ring! Burak is homozygous black and 2010 was his first foal crop and we consider it a great success. He had a beautiful black extremely typey filly out of LF Thee Makers Star and a bay colt out of LF Estrella Bonita that is a knockout!! Burak’s book will be open to a limited number of mares for the 2011 breeding season. For breeding information please contact Melinda (Breeding Manager- melinda@lydayfarms.com).

Pedigree: Burak Ben-Eden EA
Burak Ben-Eden EA
AHR# 626462
2006 Black Stallion
1998 AHR# 550705
The Elixir
1992 AHR# 485090
Hi-Fashion Mreekh
1987 AHR# 381239
1984 AHR# 294437
The Prevue
1994 AHR# 517398
The Minstril
1984 AHR# 322707
Maali RCA
1987 AHR# 394714
Demis Amira
2001 AHR# 584880
Thee Desperado
1989 AHR# 447044
The Minstril
1984 AHR# 322707
AK Amiri Asmarr
1985 AHR# 332829
The Minstris
1988 AHR# 420727
The Minstril
1984 AHR# 322707
SF Bint Saher
1982 AHR# 253438

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